Why choose a birth keeper/doula?

The natural process of pregnancy and birth places a physical, emotional and spiritual demand on a woman (and her partner if she has one).

During earlier periods of human history, mothers-to-be would have enjoyed the benefit of close proximity and relations with other women, especially elders who have already experienced birth once or many times. Children, as they grew, would also have witnessed several births before the time came for them to experience it for themselves.

Support, knowledge and information disseminated within communities in this way provided the kind of security, safety and reverence for birth that creates the optimal conditions for all those involved to cherish and yes, even enjoy this precious time; a time that marks the crossing of a sacred threshold, baby's entry into the world and woman's (and partner's) entry into parenthood.

A birth-keeper maintains that level of care and respect for a pregnant woman throughout her entire pregnancy and birth. They support the choices of the woman at all times along the way, encourage the clear communication of her desires to any others care-givers involved, ensure their adherence to them and listen as she works through anything that may be standing between her and the birth of her dreams.

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Hi! I'm Rhia, doggy-mumma to Shiloh, my four-year-old Chiweenie pup. I am happily single so it is he who keeps me dosed up on oxytocin. I fear I've become one of those crazy dog-people! I treat and talk to him like he's human but he really is my best friend! I know I’m biased but wait till you meet him, I’m sure you’ll agree he’s the cutest hound there ever was. 

I love reading, mainly non-fiction. Most recently I read Akala's "Natives: "Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire" It was incredibly illuminating and helped me better understand my own Black British experience. I like stand-up comedy, film (just saw the latest Spike Lee joint - see it, very powerful) and music (got tickets to see Jorja Smith at Brixton Academy!!!! next month for my annual outing) but am definitely more of a home-fry than a party person. I love going out for a dance when I’m in the right mood but the thought of having to get home afterwards usually means I stay put watching cartoons in bed or cooking and listening to Classic FM/neo-soul in my kitchen. I try to go to the gym regularly with little to no success. I don't get too involved in politics preferring to make the personal political; living wholesomely and doing right by my friends, family and neighbours - those in my little sphere of influence....although I have been interested lately in the social media campaigns for Serena Williams and other female tennis players to be treated equally to their male counterparts & the growing tide of fierce women's equality successes has got me feeling like a modern Suffragist! I’m a Gemini so you will almost certainly love at least ONE of my awesome personalities! Give me a call or e-mail, we’ll chat and you can see if you like the real me.

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I Am Just Jumping On It Cos It’s Fashionable

I Am Just Jumping On It Cos It’s Fashionable

You’re just jumping on it cos it’s fashionable now That’s what I fear they’ll say cos it’s true somehow I’ve not had braids for years and I’m categorically against weave I’m vegan too so can’t even claim curry goat and rice and peas But I’m here to pre-empt, to...

Take Me To Church

Churching, or the 40 day blessing is when a woman, during the immediate postpartum period, is not encouraged, coerced or guilt-tripped into doing ANYTHING. So-called due to its roots in Orthodox Christianity in which after this period of rest...

An unexpected response to my newfound doulaship

Growing up mixed-race in a small market town in Essex with two white “parents” meant that me and my maternal grandparents shared a strangely ambivalent relationship.   My mum had told me stories about how her parents, Brenda and David, (an acutely ordinary working...


2 x 1-hour antenatal sessions in which we can discuss anything you like; your birthing plan, ways to increase the likelihood of you having the birth you want, what's possible (Everything.....! is the short answer : ) ) , fears and doubts, resources, extra ways to prepare, going forward. With additional telephone and e-mail contact throughout pregnancy.

Birth attendance - I offer a 4-week on-call period from 37 (full) weeks to 41 (full) weeks with a promise to endeavour to be with you at the birth even if it happens outside of this 4-week window. I will attend wherever you decide to birth - at home, the maternity ward of a hospital or a birth centre.

1 x 1-hour post partum visit. I will check in with you (and your partner) and baby sometime within the first month after birth to give advice, sign-post to additional services, dissect and listen to your birth narrative and/or discuss anything you may want.

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Placenta Preparation Services

I am an IPEN-certified placenta specialist and would be delighted to discuss the benefits of ingesting your placenta and the different preparations available.

Raw Smoothies £40

Encapsulation £200

Tincture £45-70

Homeopathic Placenta Remedies £60

Placenta Print £10

Placenta Essence £25





Churching/40 days/Post-natal support

Most cultures and societies previously observed the practice of Churching or 40 days rest, recuperation and bonding for mother and baby post-natally. Some still do and I would love to help you and your new-born to get all the benefits of it. This isn't enforced hermitism but an opportunity for you to heal and strengthen after your birth experience. (Of course, if you feel strong and want to leave the house before the 40-day period is up that is fab too!) Some birthing women, having been coerced into interventions they didn't necessarily need or having felt overlooked or ignored during birth can be traumatised by this. A space to process these emotions and to heal both physically and psychologically benefits you and your baby in so many ways. My support could be looking after baby so you can have a shower/sleep, light cleaning, cooking, shopping and freezer-filling services, emotional support, companionship, non-clinical counselling which basically amounts to listening without judgement. I am a Birth Trauma association volunteer and with more and more women being assertive and taking ownerships of their bodies, how and where they birth this service is being required less and less.

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