Menstrual Cycle Awareness, or MCA, has significantly improved my life. From having more energy, enjoying better orgasms to simply being kinder to the dog. MCA, is the period-powered Revolution that all modern mystic Women should be in on!

My obsession with cyclical life started with the discovery of Sjanne Hugo-Wurlitzer & Alexandra Pope’s book: “Wild Power: Discover The Magic Of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken The Feminine Path to Power” This book, by pioneering author-activists, talks in depth about the Cycle as a woman’s personal and unique spiritual practice and guide towards grater fulfilment, pleasure and embodiment in the World. It theorises the Cycle as  four distinct seasons that have their own strengths, abilities and initiatory tasks. it also elaborates on the sacred space of menstruation with its five chambers.

As you read the book, this ancient knowledge seems to be returning to one and not brand new. my cells remember thus data and it is thus easily synthesised into my everyday life. I have charted my cycle for a year now, which means each day I know my cycle day, record my mood and schedule activities around my peaks of energy, the spring and summer months of my cycle. I also started to use the Moon as a cosmic timer around the same time. Being cycle savvy, setting intentions and manifesting with the New Moon and forgiving and resetting at Full Moon was the magic combo and I have found my Self having more fun, creating abundance, joy and plenitude without really trying or at least with only a few small, fun rituals.


And here they are:

Simple New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony

Sit quietly somewhere in nature or in a private, cosy space in your home. Breathe deeply and think grateful thoughts about all that you have in life.

Once calm, take out a sheet of A4 paper and write down 10 things you would love to achieve, experience or manifest this month. It could be trips, treats, travel, meals, jewellery, job promotion. etc. Be creative and FEEL THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED. The more you can already FEEL your intentions coming true, the quicker they will!

Once you have your list, read them out loud slowly with intention. You can light incense and candles or even read a poem to add a little extra ceremony.


Enjoy! I will be sharing this and other techniques and ideas at New Moon Magic Circle this Saturday 6th April at Zenubian, 136 Hither Green Lane, Lewisham, SE136QA